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As an artist, I've tried to convey my love for Nature by examining and investigating Bent Mountain, Virginia, a small rural community in the Blue Ridge Mountains where I grew up. For the last several years, I show this respect and love through meticulous ink drawings of the elements that shape the landscape, looking at what it means to love and identify with a sense of place, to call it home. This was all called into question when news that EQT, an out of state, fracked gas corporation, announced plans to build the Mountain Valley Pipeline, which bulldozed and destroyed huge swaths of Bent Mountain and the creeks and springs I have been drawing all my life. My Bent Mountain community, along with many others in Appalachia, have spent the last ten years fighting HARD to prevent this from happening. Its a losing battle and sadly, it seems as if the whole world is on fire and the place I love will be destroyed. The Fire Series and Pipeline  Explosion Series (also on this website) reflect the destruction that now seems inevitable.

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