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  • How do I order?
    If our online Shop allows you to place an item (print, puzzle, watercolor, etc.) in the cart, then it is available for immediate purchase and will be shipped upon receipt of payment. If you have a question about anything on the website, or would like to custom order a puzzle, use the "Contact Us/How to Order" button at the bottom of the page.
  • Shipping
    Genesis Chapman Studios ships just about anywhere. Shipping rates vary, but most single puzzles ship for $6-$10 in the continental U.S. Regarding shipping puzzles back to us (for repairs only), please use the "Contact us/How to Order" button below. We will send you a shipping label and instructions for
  • Custom Orders
    If your puzzles is one of our custom order pieces, the estimated lead time depends on a number of things. The complexity of the puzzle and availability of wood are two factors, but mostly its the number or orders ahead of you in line. There is but one puzzle maker! Also, lead time "starts" once the initial deposit is received. Please let us know if the puzzle is a gift or delivery is needed 90 days or less from date of order.
  • Caring for Your Chapman Puzzle
    Need more info. Oil
  • Commissions/ New Designs
    If you would like to commission a puzzle for something not shown on the website, please contact us to start the conversation. Genesis is happy to tackle new designs for anything that falls into one of the categories on the website. To be honest, he would be 1000% content to spend the rest of his days designing and puzzling every dinosaur that ever was and every one that ever will be (discovered). Did someone say duck-billed Edmontosaurus? Bambiraptor? A peacock-like Nomingia? He's your guy! But as with any new creation, no two commissions are alike. Just use the "Contact us/ How to Order" button at the bottom of the page to discuss commissions or design ideas.
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